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Thank you for your interest in Free Books 4 Kidz.

Our program, Free Books 4 Kidz, is a way for you to improve the educational opportunities for children in our communities. In addition to inspiring lifelong readers, Free Books 4 Kidz also provides a platform for giving back. Books ordered and read at www.freebooksforkidz.org trigger donations of new books that are given to programs and classrooms serving children in need. Launched just 3 years ago, Free Books 4 Kidz has helped to deliver more than 1,000 hardcover and paperback books to children around the world. 

The children in our communities have dreams. They long to paint or a invent or educate. Who knows, perhaps there is a young lady whose dream it is to give free books to children in need.

The seeds of a child’s dreams are frequently found in books, and the seeds we plant in our communities can be defining moments in a child’s life.

I appreciate your interest in Free Books 4 Kidz, and thank you for all you continue to do for children.


Christine Crawford

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  1. Malinda Tivey says:

    Thanks for this web site. You are helping children in a wonderful way.

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